Information Sessions

May 4 11:30 AM

i) Travelling to the US: Your rights at the Border - Quebec Room 
Facilitator: Immanuel Lanzaderas, CAUT Legal Officer

Recent events have triggered concerns about the powers of American and Canadian border agents.  In some cases, travellers have been requested to provide access to electronic devices such as laptops, notepads, and cell phones. For CAUT members, this raises worries about the protection of research confidentiality and the exercise of academic freedom. What are your rights when crossing the border?

ii) Dealing with Conflicts between Members? - Les Saisons 
Facilitator: Peter Barnacle, CAUT General Counsel

Some of the most difficult issues an association can face arise in cases of workplace disputes between members. Often, these disputes can pit, or seem to pit, the best interest of one member against the best interest of another. In such cases, what is the proper role for the academic staff association?

iii) Say what? Academic freedom and social media - Governor General I
Facilitator: Brenda Austin-Smith, CAUT Vice-President

As more academics take to social media to express opinions, sometimes unpopular ones, academic freedom is being tested. In the United States, some professors have been disciplined for tweeting “offensive” comments, while here in Canada a Dean of Medicine recently warned faculty against posting or tweeting anything that might be controversial. How far should academic freedom go in protecting comments and opinions on social media? 


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